Chemical Peels

Revive your beauty

Why Chemical Peels?

At SLAE Aesthetics, we want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin, and aim to help people achieve that goal through many procedures. Chemical peels are one such procedure, more specifically our VI Peel, a medium depth chemical peel. It is made from a blend of synergistic ingredients including: TCA, Tretinoic Acid, Salicyclic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C, and a mineral blend.

Sometimes there are blemishes and aging signs which you just want to remove. Chemical peels help with rapid cell turnover, reduction of brown spots, and generally give you a brighter complexion.

Common Issues

What can VI Peels Improve?

We get a lot of concerns that come from our clients, and aim to help alleviate as many issues as we can. Chemical peels in particular a great for the following issues we see:

  • Fine LinesĀ – By promoting skin cell turnover, new cells are encouraged to grow and replace the damaged and older cells
  • Acne / Acne Scars – Due to salicylic acid, your skin’s surface and pores become clearer, which can help prvent the future growth of acne. Simultaneously, the rejuvenating growth of new cells will remove old scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation – TCA and Vitamin C are excellent for addressing hyperpigmentation and evening out the skin tone by leveling the production of melanin.
  • Brown Spots – Sun damage and aging are the primary factors causing brown spots, and the renewal of new cell growth will eventually push these out
  • Rosacea – Reduction of redness and inflammation through use of the mineral blend in chemical peels, helping relieve some of the redness