Tampa Wrinkle Relaxers

BotoX, Dysport& Jeaveau

Why Wrinkle Relaxers?

If you are looking to soften any existing fine lines or wrinkles, and prevent them from getting any deeper, then look no further than Botox or Dysport. Appointments with SLAE Aesthetics will take 20-30 minutes, and our staff will work with you to tailor very specific plan for your needs and concerns.

You will feel confident that your youthful appearance will shine through, and remove issues like forehead lines, crows feet, and eyebrow lines. While these are the most common, there are other advantages to wrinkle relaxers.

Treatment Options

Botox or Dysport

This will differ from person to person, but patients can expect to have a result that lasts between 3 to 6 months. What are the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections? The 3 Areas would typically be Forehead Lines, Frown Lines and Crows Feet.

  • Lip Flips – Relax your lip muscles and allow them to flip up naturally
  • Crows Feet – Removes the fine lines that appear around eyes
  • Brow Lifts – Give your brow the renewed appearance you want
  • Jelly Eye Roll – Helpful for removing under-eye wrinkles and puffiness
  • Bunny LinesPrevent wrinkles that form when you scrunch up your nose
  • Gummy SmileSay goodbye to visible gums when you smile.
  • Masseter (TMJ) – Alleviate jaw clenching and bruxism
  • MicrotoxA comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatment for a more vibrant appearance.
  • Nefertiti LiftElevate your neckline to achieve a more refined appearance

     Therapeutic Uses for Botox and Dysport

    Botox, Dysport & Jeuveau are not simply cosmetic injections, and can be used to improve your physical health as well as mental health. Benefits include:

    Muscle Pain and Stiffness

    The trapezius muscle group focuses on your upper torso, connecting your neck, shoulders, and back muscles. Injections administered in this region have proven to alleviate neck and shoulder pain, reduce muscle spasms, and overall provide increased comfort.

    Jawline Muscle Issues

    A Masseter muscle injection is commonly used to alleviate teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Bruxism, characterized by the involuntary grinding or clenching of teeth, particularly during sleep, affects many individuals. These injections can also aid in shrinking overworked muscles and refining your jawline.

    Excessive Sweating

    Hyperhydrosis is another common issue where you sweat excessively, even when not exercising or suffering high temperatures. Injections in these areas will help reduce sweating by more than 85%!

      AccuVein AV500

      At SLAE Aesthetics, we use the AccuVein device during Botox, Dysport & Jeuveau

      procedures to:

      • Visualize and avoid veins, reducing bruising.
      • Enhance patient satisfaction.
      • Customize treatment based on individual anatomy.

      Our approach ensures that each client receives the most precise and effective treatment, tailored to their unique needs and concerns. This innovative technology not only improves the overall experience but also demonstrates our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge advancements in aesthetic care.

      At SLAE Aesthetics, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our highly trained professionals are dedicated to providing you with exceptional care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Whether you are looking for a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic transformation, we are here to help you achieve your desired results with confidence and ease.

      Discover the difference that the AccuVein device can make in your aesthetic journey. Book your consultation today and take the first step towards a more radiant, rejuvenated you.